"makes managing files easy"

Welcome to iWebFiles

The iWebFiles browser provides an enterprise class way of organizing your files. The storage of files is based entirely on Oracle technology wich makes it a safe and scalable solution.


  • Drag and drop upload of files
  • Access files from anywhere
  • Choose who you want to invite to be admin or viewer
  • Rich web-interface
  • WebDav access
  • Oracle Strength authentication
  • Supports all major browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari)
  • Works with Oracle XE

The filemanagement software from iWebFile gives your enterprise a full scaled solution for managing and sharing your files with both employees and customers.

Makes managing files easy

iWebFiles browser iWebFiles is created using Oracle technologies such as XMLDB wich means that storage of files are made in a both secure and robust manner. Our software runs equally good in full scale enterprise environments with large databases as in smaller instances. Even the free Oracle XE database is supported wich makes this software easy to use and install even in enterprises where no Oracle pressens exist today.

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Latest News

  • Version 1.0 of iWebFiles is out
  • Support for Firefox and Safari
  • iWebFiles now works on Oracle XE

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Phone: +46 70 825 10 21
E-Mail: info@iwebfiles.com